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Binnie Klein

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My 6 episode audio memoir, "Ten Days in Newark," about first love, first heartbreak, and the radical politics of the 1960s is streaming NOW! Visit & please share and like and love and embrace!

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Welcome! I’m Binnie Klein. I host "A Miniature World," a music and interview show on WPKN-FM and  I’m a psychotherapist and author who is growing very tall from wearing so many hats (not so bad since I’m a somewhat petite person)! When radio works–when you hit that powerful segue, when an interviewee says something startling and important, when callers start their sentence with “I’ve never called a radio station before but…” –it fills me with incredible joy and gratification.

My memoir, "Blows to the Head: How Boxing Changed My Mind" is out in paperback!!!

Click on this Blog link for the exclusive afterword that answers the question "Are you still boxing?" And More!

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Interviews, podcasts, audio essays, and more...

David Margolick


Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair, Author (Beyond Glory, Strange Fruit, Dreadful)


"That was the best interview I've ever had - the kind I wish I'd had when Beyond Glory first came out. Do me a favor, Binnie - go national."

Daniel Menaker

New Yorker Editor, Writer, Book Publisher, Author of "My Mistake - A Memoir"

"Binnie--that was the best interview--the most fun, the most interesting, the most two-peas-in-a-pod experience. Never had a better interview, and as an interviewer myself, never did a better interview."

Lori Gottlieb


New York Times best-selling author (Marry Him)


"Thank you for having me on your show. You're an amazing interviewer...I wish you were on here in L.A. I think you're going to have to go national one of these days!"

Wayne Koestenbaum


Poet, Cultural Critic


"I loved talking with Binnie. We had a wide-ranging and provocative conversation. Very vivid exchange. Quite wild, in a way, and much fun."

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