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Binnie Klein

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My 6 episode audio memoir, "Ten Days in Newark," about first love, first heartbreak, and the radical politics of the 1960s is streaming NOW! Visit & please share and like and love and embrace!

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Welcome! I’m Binnie Klein. I host "A Miniature World," a music and interview show on WPKN-FM and  I’m a psychotherapist and author who is growing very tall from wearing so many hats (not so bad since I’m a somewhat petite person)! When radio works–when you hit that powerful segue, when an interviewee says something startling and important, when callers start their sentence with “I’ve never called a radio station before but…” –it fills me with incredible joy and gratification.

My memoir, "Blows to the Head: How Boxing Changed My Mind" is out in paperback!!!

Click on this Blog link for the exclusive afterword that answers the question "Are you still boxing?" And More!

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AND TARTIE streaming on all platforms AND VIDEOS ON 

Interviews, podcasts, audio essays, and more...

David Margolick


Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair, Author (Beyond Glory, Strange Fruit, Dreadful)


"That was the best interview I've ever had - the kind I wish I'd had when Beyond Glory first came out. Do me a favor, Binnie - go national."

Daniel Menaker

New Yorker Editor, Writer, Book Publisher, Author of "My Mistake - A Memoir"

"Binnie--that was the best interview--the most fun, the most interesting, the most two-peas-in-a-pod experience. Never had a better interview, and as an interviewer myself, never did a better interview."

Lori Gottlieb


New York Times best-selling author (Marry Him)


"Thank you for having me on your show. You're an amazing interviewer...I wish you were on here in L.A. I think you're going to have to go national one of these days!"

Wayne Koestenbaum


Poet, Cultural Critic


"I loved talking with Binnie. We had a wide-ranging and provocative conversation. Very vivid exchange. Quite wild, in a way, and much fun."

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