Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lucia Rijker inducted into World Boxing Hall of Fame

The amazing Lucia Rijker shyly listened to the presenter list her many achievements. Video of an episode of "Fight Science" was shown to the Banquet Hall. In the experiment "Can a woman punch as hard as a man?" Lucia astonished everyone by generating 922 lbs of force, 200 lbs more than her opponent. Lucia rose to accept her award as the first female boxer inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame, dazzingly beautiful in a strapless black evening gown, diamond necklace, elbow-high fingerless gloves, and her great swirl of curly hair pulled up. "I dedicate this award to all the bold girls who are coming," she said. Her parents were boxing fans. She remembers them watching Ali & Frazier on TV. She was 7 years old and said "I'm going to be like that, Mommy." Lucia was a very introverted child who didn't speak much. "I learned to make a career out of managing my anger."

see post and link below for my WPKN interview with Lucia Rijker

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SpeedBag said...

Lucia is a gracious lady and super ambassador for ladies boxing. This was a great interview and thanks for repecting the awesome women in boxing and the sport!